terça-feira, fevereiro 01, 2005


Não vejo o Mar há tanto tempo, não o sinto, desapareceu...

So where did you go?

Where do you go in the Big Sleep?

Going out in the Deep Sleep

Is where you're wandering now...

Drifting in wildlife

And still you're wandering now

We were on the top and the world was spinning

We were only young in the whirlpool of warning

Communication lost in the thundering rain

A shelter from the storm in the early beginning

Going out in the Big Sleep

Could have been years, you know it could have been years

Or only seconds ago

Where are you now?

Now that you're up in Big Sleep

Valuable friend

They saw you leaving this way

So where did you go?

Immaculate friend

For a lifetime I'm grateful

And it's only seconds away

Big Sleep, Deep Sleep

For evermore

If only you could see me

If only you could see


Coming home in the Big Sleep

Coming home

Simple Minds


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