segunda-feira, outubro 30, 2006

Boa acção do dia

Dear Blogger Support Team

I thought I’d bring to your attention that there is a sort of breach on the Blogger commenting system, which allows anyone to make FALSE comments on blogspot blogs using other peoples Blogspot cloned identity or even the identities of people who are not on Blogger
It works like this, click on the… (SECTION DELETED) …with the user profile photo.
As an example, note that some comments on this post are false, ie, I made comments on behalf of those identities and anyone reading those comments will assume that they are genuine.
To avoid this, I suggest you develop a code that enables the field… (SECTION DELETED) …only possible with their own Blogger Username and Password.

I hope this was helpful.

Best Regards

F (AKA, Piloto Automatico)

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