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About biased tendencies

It’s been a while I haven’t written anything in English… Yet strangely enough I find myself thinking in English lots of times, sometimes I even start talking in English in the middle of a conversation, only to feel very embarrassed because people end up thinking that I’m crazy for doing so… I normally apologize, laugh it off a bit and explain the possible reason for that to happen so often. Usually people laugh with me, sometimes they notice the British accent, and sometimes they don’t.
Did I ever tell you I lived in England for a few years? I did, four years in total; I actually studied there, got a University Degree in Business Management and everything…
That was a few years ago, last century to be exact.
It’s funny but just now, just as I started writing this post I started it in English. I noticed it but allowed myself to carry on in English, why not? And then suddenly, whatever I was going to write about disappeared and gave birth to this post, a post which is no longer about what I was going to do, rather what I ended up doing, thus a post about nothingness, clearly.
Well, it serves very well to illustrate my theory that what matters most in communication is the content of the message and not quite whatever format the message may have.
I surprise myself with the most stupid things, frankly, who cares about this?
But I’ll leave it like this.
Other than that, I wonder what repercussions it’s going to have. I wonder if people will read. Will they comment? Will they comment in English?And if I hadn’t written this last sentence, or if I hadn't include a picture, would people have commented the same?

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Anonymous Anonymous chamou a hospedeira e disse:

Eu li, e isto já é um comentário.
E o meu inglês não é assim tão bom, só msm para ler.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous on chamou a hospedeira e disse:

Pois é. A mim também me acontecia isso. Agora já passou...
O pior é que metia umas palavras de japonês pelo meio!

12:22 AM  

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