domingo, outubro 14, 2007

Born with teeth

It's not pretty, though it never is
But nothing that's to hard to bear
Pay no attention to the dark circles
They have always been there

Don't mistake me to be broken down
Just because I'm on my knees
I can withstand most anything
I was born with teeth
Born with teeth

Out the womb into an ugly world I've been thrown
Welcome to the race
Up on two legs before it tumbles on me
I'm not looking for a kind word to keep me going
It's so much better of this way
To, to be born with teeth

After all that I've seen taken place
Very little has affect
I've been treated like I should have been
At least that's what my mind says
I'll be around when everyone has been satisfiedor overcome
It's possible even my happiness will bestumbled on, stumbled on

I can get alongI get along without too much advice
Ahh, but if it weren't so hard to makethings right
It's gonna be whatever fate will bring
I've managed to look good so far
But there's no use pretending

Yes I was
Born with teeth

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